Academy: Under 11s Reds


2018/19 Season


2017/18 Season

 24th Sep 2017 10:00A Hawkwell Athletic White-SEE Primary Report
 1st Oct 2017 10:00H Beech United Lions-SEE Primary Report
 8th Oct 2017 10:00A Leigh Ramblers Cougars-SEE Primary Report
 15th Oct 2017 10:00A Canvey Island Youth Leopards-SEE Primary Report
 22nd Oct 2017 10:00H Wickford Town YFC Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 29th Oct 2017 10:00A East Thurrock Lions-SEE Primary Report
 5th Nov 2017 10:00H Bowers and Pitsea Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 12th Nov 2017 10:00A Supreme Youth Lions-SEE Primary Report
 19th Nov 2017 10:00H Catholic Utd Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 26th Nov 2017 10:00A Mornington Boys Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 3rd Dec 2017 10:00H Hullbridge Sports Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 10th Dec 2017 10:00H Hawkwell Athletic White-SEE Primary Report
 17th Dec 2017 10:00A Beech United Lions-SEE Primary Report


2016/17 Season

 25th Sep 2016 10:00A Great Wakering Colts Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report
 2nd Oct 2016 10:00A Leigh Rockets YFC Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report
 9th Oct 2016 11:45H Concord Rangers Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 16th Oct 2016 12:00H Mornington Boys Leopards*-*SEE Primary Report
 23rd Oct 2016 10:00H Beech United Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 30th Oct 2016 10:15H Hawkwell Athletic Green*-*SEE Primary Report
 6th Nov 2016 11:45H Hullbridge Sports Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report
 13th Nov 2016 11:00A Lee Chapel Leopards*-*SEE Primary Report
 27th Nov 2016 10:15A Supreme Youth Lions-SEE Primary Report
 4th Dec 2016 12:30H Canvey Island Youth Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 11th Dec 2016 10:00A Mornington Boys Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 18th Dec 2016 10:00H Southendian Manor Cougars-SEE Primary Report
 15th Jan 2017 13:00H Bowers and Pitsea Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 22nd Jan 2017 09:30A Mornington Boys Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 29th Jan 2017 12:00A Canvey Island Blue-SEE Primary Report
 5th Feb 2017 11:00A Leighwood Utd Pumas -SEE Primary Report
 12th Feb 2017 12:30H Catholic Utd Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 19th Feb 2017 10:30H Supreme Youth lions-SEE Primary Report
 26th Feb 2017 10:00H Catholic Utd Tigers-SEE Primary Report


2015/16 Season

 12th Jul 2015 09:00A Wickford Tournament-Tournament Report
 20th Sep 2015 09:45A Wickford Tournament-Tournament Report
 27th Sep 2015 11:00A Trinity Pumas FC*-*SEE Primary Report
 4th Oct 2015 10:20H Lee Chapel Leopards*-*SEE Primary Report
 18th Oct 2015 10:30A Southendian Manor Cougars*-*SEE Primary Report
 25th Oct 2015 12:00H Hullbridge Sports Tigers*-*Friendly Report
 30th Oct 2015 10:00A Leighwood United Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 1st Nov 2015 10:00A Leigh Rambers Cougars*-*SEE Primary Report
 8th Nov 2015 10:30H Mornington Boys Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report
 15th Nov 2015 13:45A Hawkwell Athletic Green*-*SEE Primary Report
 22nd Nov 2015 11:00H Basildon Boys and Girls Lions*-*SEE Primary Report
 29th Nov 2015 10:00A Concord Rangers Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report
 6th Dec 2015 11:15H Beech United Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 13th Dec 2015 10:00A Great Wakering Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 10th Jan 2016 09:30H Mornington Boys Leopards*-*SEE Primary Report
 17th Jan 2016 10:00A Lee Chapel Panthers (Leopards)*-*SEE Primary Report
 24th Jan 2016 12:00H Leigh Rockets Leopards*-*SEE Primary Report
 31st Jan 2016 09:30A Mornington Boys Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report
 7th Feb 2016 13:00A Canvey Island Youth Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 14th Feb 2016 10:00H Hawkwell Athletic Green*-*SEE Primary Report
 21st Feb 2016 09:30A Beech United Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report
 28th Feb 2016 10:00H Trinity Youth Pumas -SEE Primary Report
 6th Mar 2016 10:00A Hullbridge Sports Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 13th Mar 2016 11:00H Concord Rangers Tigers-SEE Primary Report
 20th Mar 2016 12:00H Southendian Manor Cougars-SEE Primary Report
 17th Apr 2016 12:00H Hawkwell Athletic Green-SEE Primary Report
 30th Apr 2016 10:30A Hullbridge Sports Tigers*-*SEE Primary Report


2014/15 Season

 6th Mar 2015 10:00A Hullbridge Sports Tigers-SEE Primary Report