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Thundersley Common pitches

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Filed: Wednesday, 5th July 2017
By: Staff Writer

With regards to the increasingly poor condition of Thundersley Common...

I have written to Castle Point Borough Council today in order to express my concerns about the appalling condition of the pitches at Thundersley Common, which they are contractually obliged to maintain.

Sadly the Council - specifically, Operational Services Manager Ryan Lynch, to whom I wrote - didn't appear to be as concerned about our children's welfare and the associated health and safety issues, and refused to approve the Club's request to reseed the ground during the summer.

Instead, all CPBC and Mr Lynch will commit to is to agree to "monitor" the situation.

The current state of our home ground, Thundersley Common

Therefore I have informed My Lynch that Thundersley Rovers Sports Club will be holding both himself and CPBC responsible for any injuries that our players (and those of visiting clubs) may sustain until such time as the Council officially approves reparative work in order to make the grounds fit for purpose.

I should add that maintainence of the football pitches at The Common, our home ground, had been the responsibilty of Thundersley Rovers Sports Club since the late 1970s. The Club's Committee ensured the ground was cut on a regular basis, repaired when necessary, and re-seeded each and every summer.

This changed five years ago when CPBC informed the Club they would be taking control of maintaining the grounds, the same time as increasing our annual fees - ie pitch/building rent, insurance etc - by around 4,000 per cent (doubled again for next season).

Since then, although contractors Pinnacle have done an otherwise excellent job of maintaining the Common, the pitches have never been reseeded - an issue that I believe needs to be urgently addressed.

- Graeme Howlett, Chairman

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