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He called me Daddy!

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Filed: Wednesday, 22nd November 2017
By: Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Thundersley Rovers were delighted to name little Joel Window as our official club mascot.

Four-year-old Joel, who lives in the US with parents Janice and Dean (an Essex boy by birth) was born with Cerebral Palsy.

From time to time we ask mum and dad to keep us updated with the young man's progress, and that of the Charity - 'That Grin' - which was recently started as a result of the family's ordeal. So without further ado, it's over to Dean:

"Itís been an amazing six months for Joel and That Grin. Joel keeps making steady progress and even called me Daddy for the first time ever this past weekend.

Joel has also had his first Botox shots in his legs to help with his high muscle tone, along with his Baclofen we have defiantly seen positive results with Joel actually being able to stand flat footed for the first time ever.

Weight gain is still very slow but with everything Joel does battle against each & every day this is to be expected.

That Grin has only been going since mid-July and in that time we have been able to raise $700 on behalf of Joelís 4th Birthday to donate gift cards, clothes, toys & perishables to both Duke University Hospital & Duke University Cardiac PICU ICU within the first month.

We also donated $54,000 in tube formula and feeding equipment to families in need due to Hurricane Irma.

Sadly we have seen interaction fall off to nearly zero in the last six-eight weeks. From further investigation it would appear that unless we are prepared to pay between $50-$3,000 per article we post or share, Facebook will be limiting our viewing audience to next to no-one.

In closing, the future for our son continues to go from strength to strength, the future of That Grin is sadly currently very unsure. The long term partnership between us and Thundersely Rovers is one we will continue to cherish and be proud to be a part of."

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