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Under 12s divisions confirmed

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Filed: Friday, 28th June 2019
By: Staff Writer

All three of our 2019/20 Under 12s teams will be featuring in the Southend & District League next season.

Thundersley Rovers Blacks (managed by John Duffy), Whites (Dominic Markham) and Reds (Scott Petty) have been entered into Divisions A, E and F respectively for the 2019/20 campaign, which commences in September of this year.

The divisions have been set as follows:

Division A (10 teams)

Berry Boys (Green); Bowers & Pitsea (Red); Hullbridge Sports (Blue); Forest Glade (White); Leighwood Utd (Pythons); Leighwood Utd (Taipans); Southendian Manor (Yellow); St Clere's (Vipers); THUNDERSLEY ROVERS (Blacks); Trinity FC (Blue).

Division E (10 teams)

Academy Soccer (White); Beech Utd (Red); Canvey Island (Blues); Essex Royals (White); Leigh Ramblers (White); Leigh Rockets (Black); Runwell Sports (Blue); Supreme Youth (Red); THUNDERSLEY ROVERS (Whites); Trinity FC (Black).

Division F (9 teams)

Ashingdon FC (Blue); Ashingdon FC (White); Berry Boys (White); Gt Wakering Colts (White); Hawkwell Athletic (Green); Hawkwell Athletic (White); Runwell Sports (Red); Trinity FC (White); THUNDERSLEY ROVERS (Reds).

In addition to their league fixtures, all three teams will take part in the all-encompassing League Cup competition.

The Blacks will also feature in the League Trophy (for Division A nd Division B teams) whilst the Whites and Reds will participate in the League Shield (for teams in Divisions E and F).

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